PilotInsure Speed Rally, First of the 2019-2020 Season -Springs

The popularity of the Speed Rally concept has grown exponentially since it was introduced at Secunda in 2018, it was a given that the competition would continue into its second season which kicked off at Springs Airfield on Saturday 23 November. As soon as it was decided that there would be a second season Frans Smit for PilotInsure came aboard once again to sponsor the event. The SAPFA organising team had been meeting in the short off-season analysing the whole concept and discussing what could be done to make the coming season more interesting and competitive and they decided on a few changes in the format. One of the major changes was to extend the overall distance from 125 nm to 150 nm,

Speed Rally Grand Prix Inaugural Edition – Springs Airfield

After the huge success that the Speed Rally concept has enjoyed over the past year Jonty Esser and Rob Jonkers decided to expand the concept and make the rallies more spectator friendly by introducing a high paced “up close and personal” variation on the speed rally. The Grand Prix series will also be used to fill the gap between the last landing and the release of the results. The entrants in the Grand Prix series are chosen to take part making it a rather elite, pilots must have formation flying experience as there is a lot of passing involved especially for the faster aircraft. Essentially the format remains the same as for the Speed Rallies with the slower aircraft taking off first and t

Sport Aerobatic take their Clinics International – Swakopmund, Namibia

The Chairman of Light Sport and Amateur Build Aircraft Association of Namibia (LISAMA), Matthias Röttcher and Sport Aerobatic Club of South Africa hosted a very successful Aerobatic Training Clinic in Swakopmund in Namibia from 14-17 November. Without too much convincing Mark Hensman roped in Gary Glasson, Eugene Du Preez, Helmuth Ludwig and Natalie Stark to venture to Swakopmund hoping to promote aerobatics and safer flying thereof. The date and venue were set and soon a few aerobatic pilots enrolled obvious not sure what they let themselves into. Six Namibian pilots, Mike Böttger (RV 8), Jaques Jacobs (Nanchang CJ 6) and Matthias Röttcher (RV 7) from Swakopmund and Phillipus Opperman (RV 7

Eagle Air Celebrates Another Year of Outstanding Achievements

Eagle Air celebrated the achievements of their students and staff at a very enjoyable graduation function on Thursday 21 November at the very upmarket Morgenzon Estate which is located in Airport Road adjacent to Wonderboom Airport. Eagle Air have fostered a wonderful family atmosphere for both their staff and students, this was very evident as the students arrived and all came to greet the managing director , Percy Rudman, and his wonderful wife, Mari, personally this not all that common in the larger flying schools as keeping track of all the students can be a mammoth task not to say getting to know each one personally. Percy and Mari Rudman As a result of this personal interaction, family

News Letter 21 November 2019

Good day all Before we get into what’s happening this weekend and news about our beloved industry, I make one request of everyone that is flying around the country, please be carful out there the weather has been pretty rough the last few days. Temperature highs have been wreaking havoc with extreme Density Altitude and the high temperatures are being followed by nasty thunderstorms, especially on the Highveld. This weekend sees the beginning of the 2019-2020 PilotInsure Speed Rally season, the first competition will be hosted by Mach 1 flight school at Springs Airfield on Saturday. Jonty Esser and his team of Speedsters will be introducing a new exciting format of air racing called Speed Ra

Qantas - Third oldest Airline in the World Approaches 100 Years

While South African Airways stares into an uncertain future on the other side of the Indian Ocean Qantas Airlines, the Australian National Airline, is about to Celebrate their 100 year of existence. Qantas was founded in Winton, Queensland on 16 November 1920 by Hudson Fysh, Paul McGinness and Fergus McMaster as Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited. The airline's first aircraft was an Avro 504K. It moved its headquarters to Longreach, Queensland in 1921 and Brisbane, Queensland in 1930. In 1934, QANTAS and Britain's Imperial Airways (a forerunner of British Airways) formed a new company, Qantas Empire Airways Limited (QEA). The new airline commenced operations in Decemb

AeroClub of South Africa Awards ceremony 2019

The AeroClub of South Africa hosted their annual awards ceremony at Dakota Lodge at Rand Airport on Saturday 16 November. In a refreshing break from the norm The AeroClub decided to have a lunch function instead of the customary dinner and having the function at an active airport was a nice touch. The AeroClub celebrate the achievements of their members who made notable contributions for many years and also to those that have represented the country in a numerous recreational aviation disciplines during the past year. Just after 13:30 Jonty Esser, the master of ceremonies for the afternoon, called the for a start in proceedings and after welcoming everyone and explaining the programme, intro

Baragwanath Poker Run – JLPC Centenary

I arrived early at Baragwanath on Saturday 19 November. With the aim to capture a few early photographs of the  two famous aircraft that stand guard of airfield. Both aircraft are Ex-SAAF on a Harvard and the other an Impala. As the morning went on a  few members arrived understandable late after celebrating Johannesburg Light Plane Clubs (JLCP) Centenary the previous evening at a lavish function held at the Wanderers Club. Although JLPC was officially proclaimed in 1927 members were active at the “Old Baragwanath” airfield, just south of Johannesburg, since 1919. On November 15, 1919, a special edition of "The Star" was flown to Durban by Major Alister Miller in a World War I Avro 504 bipla

Mooney 70 Years of Rocky History

The Mooney International Corporation, the manufacturer of the legendary Mooney single-engined piston-powered general aviation aircraft have closed their doors after almost 70 years of aircraft building the company shut shop and laid off all staff on 12 November 2019. It was sad news for aviators around the world especially Mooney owners. Mooney aircraft with the signature vertical stabilizer, vertical leading edge and swept trailing edge that gives the illusion of being forward-swept, have over the years become a regular sight at aviation events worldwide. Albert Mooney had his first aviation job in 1925 at the age of 19 when he worked briefly for Alexander Aircraft Company in Denver, Colora

EAA Sun ‘n Fun 2019 – Brits Airfield

Photos by Andre Venter, Lee-Ann Greeff and Derek Hopkins As the year draws to a close, we can always count on the EAA Chapter 322 to inject some excitement into the general aviation world with the annual Sun ‘n Fun Fly-in, this year Brits Airfield once again hosted the event and as always made it a very enjoyable and memorable weekend. The weather on Friday seemed to keep many people on the ground at their home bases and the forecasts for the weekend didn’t seem any better, fortunately the predicted bad weather seemed to take a turn to the East before it reached the Northern part of the country. By Friday evening there were only a handful of aircraft had arrived and fears started running hig

EAA Sun 'n Fun Adventure Rally

The EAA Fun and Sun weekend at Brits Airfield hosted, among other things, an Adventure Rally set up by master rally organiser and Protea pilot Rob Jonkers. Rob has set up two adventure rallies’ this year, the first was at the EAA Convention which was held at Vryheid earlier this year. Unfortunately, the Rally wasn’t as well supported as they have been in the past with only seven teams entering, we believe the poor turnout was due to the forecast bad weather – that never arrived. Adventure Rallies are a lot more relaxed than competition rallies; the main objective is to fly within a 1 km wide corridor while identifying ground features and learning more about the local area. For this rally, th

Morningstar Hosts the Young Falcons

Saturday morning, 09th November, heralded an exciting day for the recently passed out Young Falcons. They paid a visit for Morningstar airfield and we afforded the opportunity to meet club members and were all given a chance to undertake a flight around the area. Morningstar Flying Club, under the chairmanship of Ross Leighton, semi-retired CA, has become well known for its interaction with local communities and organisations and this was a chance to expose young potential aviators to general aviation and a flying club. Safety briefing before taking the students for a flight The Young Falcons programme is a voluntary programme run from AFB Ysterplaat. It is under the leadership of Major Apol

Loutzavia flight School Graduation 2019

Loutzavia Flight Academy hosted their annual graduation ceremony at Villa san Giovanni at Wonderboom National airport last week. On arrival I was immediately impressed by the sense of family that exists at the school, I have been to many flight schools and have never experienced the family atmosphere like I did here. Jannie Loutzis, the founder and Chief Flying Instructor is a father figure to all the students and staff alike and Maria, his wonderful wife, has slotted into the role of a supportive mother. I had a short chat to Jannie where he mentioned that in his 8000 flying hours accumulated over the last 26 years, he has been personally involved in the training of well over 1000 students

News Letter 7 November 2019

Good day all Hope you all survived the Springbok Euphoria that has gripped the nation for the last week, winning the third Rugby World Cup was a great moment and we would like to congratulate the Mighty Boks on their super achievement. This weekend is a big one for all EAA members with the annual migration to Brits Airfield for the Sun ‘n Fun weekend, the weather might cause a bit of a problem on Saturday afternoon and Sunday but hopefully it doesn’t cause to much disruption. The FAI Sailplane Grand Prix is currently underway at Potchefstroom. The gliding club has a fully functional restaurant and will be serving breakfast and dinner each day. Evening events will be scheduled at the airfield

FlySafair official domestic carrier of the Victorious Springboks

The Triumphant are on their way home with the coveted William Webb Ellis trophy and once back on SA soil they will be transported around the country be a very proud airline. Two years ago, when Springbok Rugby was in the doldrums, FlySafair showed confidence in the budding team with their new coach and boy did they get it right. The Springboks under the guidance of Coach Rassie Erasmus and Captained by Siya Kolosi went from zero to hero and now are on top of the world, FlySafair plan to take them even higher during the next few days for their nationwide tickertape parades in all the major cities in South Africa. FlySafair’s in its current form first Boeing 737-400 passenger aircraft took to

World Rally Flying Championships Training session – Stellenbosch airfield

On South African Power Flying Association’s (SAPFA) successful bid to host the 2020 World Rally Flying Championships, which will be hosted at Stellenbosch Airfield in November 2020, the leadership of SAPFA decided to try to raise awareness of the sport in South Africa. Events have been organised to help promote the sport and increase the skill levels of the participants, who this year stand a real chance of obtaining the National Colours and represent SA in the World Championships. SAPFA are no strangers to hosting the World Championships, SA has hosted the event three times in the past. 1991 – 7th World Rally Flying Championships– Stellenbosch Airfield 2003 – 13th World Rally Flying Cham

Boeing CST-100 Starliner Successfully Tests Pad Abort System

For years, NASA has been working to restore their launch capability to the US and send astronauts to the Moon and beyond. A crucial part of this is the development of next-generation crew capsules that can carry crews and payloads to space. These include Lockheed Martin’s Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV) and the Crew Space Transportation (CST) -100 Starliner currently being developed by Boeing. On Monday 4 November, the CST-100 passed a critical milestone with a successful end-to-end test of its abort system. The Pad Abort Test took place at Launch Complex 32 at the US Army’s White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. When crewed missions to space begin using the CST-100, this system wi

Understanding Cloud Types

Thunderstorms can really mess up your day this time of the year but if you kept the plane in the hangar every time, they appeared in the forecast there will be very little flying spring and summer months. Understanding the cloud types and their effects is key to safe flying safely this time of the year. Some pilots might not be able to tell you the difference between a Cirrostratus and a Nimbostratus cloud, this is not a problem if you know what effect each type will have on your aircraft. Cirrostratus clouds are generally flat clouds higher than 20,000 feet agl. A nimbostratus cloud also is generally flat, but close to the ground. In practical terms for pilots, if you’re flying under visual