News Letter 27 December 2018

Good day all To all our loyal readers and advertisers a massive “THANK YOU!!!” for all your amazing support over the last year, without you Flightline Weekly would be nothing more than a dream. All of us here at Flightline Weekly wish you an amazing 2019. We promise to keep up to date with the latest’s new in the New Year and wit your wonderful support we are planning to grow to new heights in the future. Comair and Numsa reach an agreement Comair, (the operators of both British Airways SA and Kulula) and the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) have reached an agreement to avert a looming strike over a wage increase dispute. The union was demanding a salary hike of 12%, a

News Letter 20 December 2018

Good day all I hope most of you have safely reached your holiday destinations and are busy unwinding from a busy year. Flightline Weekly will be taking a break from our normal editions but will be periodically reporting on urgent news if there is to be any, our normal weekly Editions will commence again early in January. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very merry, peaceful and above all safe Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. The next few days will be a very quiet one as far as aviation evets go, the only upcoming event that we are aware of is the St. Francis Fly-In on 27 December the 28th Dec as a reserve day in case of bad weather. Contact

Hawker Hurricane - The Forgotten Fighter

In the summer of 1940 in the skies above Britain the Royal Air Force (RAF) won a victory that would change the course of history the “Battle of Britain”, as it became know, RAF fighters fought a German Airforce four times its number which saved Britain form invasion. The technically advanced Spitfire was credited with the victory and became a legend as a result, although most of the kills were actually achieved by the slower less glamorous Hawker Hurricane. Hawker Hurricanes During the “Battle of Britain”, which began in earnest on August 8, 1940 Hurricanes concentrated mainly on the destruction of the German Heinkel He 111 and Dornier Do 17 bombers. These were the aircraft that would cause

The Wright Brothers – It all began 115 years ago

From "Before the Wright Brothers, no one working in aviation did anything fundamentally correct. Since the Wright Brothers, no one has done anything fundamentally different." To simply say that the Wright Brothers invented the airplane doesn't begin to describe their many accomplishments, nor is it especially accurate. The first fixed-wing aircraft, a kite mounted on a stick, was conceived and flown almost a century before Orville and Wilbur made their first flights. The Wrights were first to design and build a flying craft that could be controlled while in the air. Every successful aircraft ever built since, beginning with the 1902 Wright glider, has had controls to

The Electric Aircraft is Taking-Off

In 2008, the electric motor vehicle experienced a rebirth triggered by a rise in oil prices. Now in 2018, it is the time for another rebirth — in electrical aviation. Over the decades, advances have been made across the aviation field on all fronts. In 1986, Burt Rutan made the first non-stop, un-refueled flight around the world. Burt Rutan in Voyager Now, 30 years later another trip around the world was completed, marking the first electrical-powered circumnavigation. The lofty journey started in Abu Dhabi and 16 months later landed back where its journey began. This plane, unlike others that have made the journey before, emitted no emissions and burned no fuel. Instead, it used solar panel

Global Pilot Shortage – A Crippling Reality

The world is running out of experienced pilots. Supply is not keeping up with the growing demand for air travel. The reason airlines and other operators are in this predicament stems from the rupturing of the training pipelines that historically supplied pilots across all levels of the aviation industry. Experience is everything in aviation major carriers worldwide have mostly employed pilots with high levels of flying experience. Pilots gained that experience flying for regional airlines, charter operators and, critically as instructors at flight training schools. As pilots gained experience and progressed to more lucrative flying positions, newly qualified pilots were employed to replace t

News Letter 13 December 2018

Good day all As we wind down for the “Silly Season” it seems like the aviation world has also drawn to a halt, there are no events this weekend that we are aware of. For anyone flying, driving or riding this festive please be careful out, BE SAFE. Ultimate Heli, NAC Heliport On Sunday 9 November Ultimate Aviation and the National Airways Corporation (NAC) celebrated the opening of the new heliport in Waterfall City in Midrand – the first privately-owned purpose-built helicopter port in the country. According to the NAC, the heliport is being developed in two phases – the first phase which is now completed is on 32 hectares of land comprises 3,100 square meters of hangars, 2,800 square meters

SAPFA National Landing Championships 2018

The ever friendly Brits Airfield was once again the hosts of this year’s South African Power Flying Association (SAPFA) National Landing Competition, the competition held on the 8th December unfortunately didn’t draw the number of competitors that were hoped for. The weather contributed heavily to the small field as many pilots decided not to venture out as thundershowers were predicted and flying may have proved dangerous. After a very wet night the sun was out and it seemed that the weather would play ball so the competition was a go. The field consisting mainly of SAPFA veterans that have competed in many world championships, the group included the current world Landing Champion Frank Eck

Review of the 2018 Airshow Season

As we reach the end of the year it seemed like a great time to take a journey through the 2018 Airshow season for those of you who missed some of the shows. Ermelo Airshow-7 April 2018 The 2018 Airshow circuit was kicked off in grand style by the Ermelo Aeronautical Society with a wonderful show, Ermelo last hosted an airshow in 2011 and they more than made up for lost time putting together a top-notch spectacle and setting a mean pace for other organisers to follow. Having SAAF participation at a “small town” airshow is always great to see. SEE THE FULL REPORT AND PHOTOS HERE SAAF Museum Airshow-5 May 2018 From Ermelo the SA Airshow machine moved to Swartkop AFB for the annual SAAF Museum

Airbus PoP.Up- The future is Now

City streets are often a blur of movement: cars, trucks, buses, trams, scooters and bicycles all jostle for space, trying to make their way from A to B as quickly as possible. Sometimes, though, that motion grinds to a halt. As traffic jams grow, frustration rises, time is wasted and money lost. Getting around can quickly become a nightmare. Airbus wants to fix this. Instead of looking at ground level, it is focusing its attention on a part of the city that remains congestion-free: the sky. “Imagine a world in which city travel is faster, safer, more reliable and more stress-free. Adding a third dimension to urban transport networks would revolutionise the way we live,” says Mathias Thomsen,

Laser Hazards to Aviation

I am well aware that I am preaching to the converted here but this article is meant to be informative so pilots can know of the dangers posed by irresponsible laser use. It is widely agreed that there are two potential hazards to pilots from laser light visual interference and eye effects or injuries. The primary hazard is visible-light lasers aimed at aircraft that results in “visual interference” with pilot performance, during critical phases of flight such as take-off, landing, emergency manoeuvres, and low-altitude flight (helicopters). Fortunately, it is unlikely that exposure to the light alone could cause an accident. In over the 55,000 reported laser illuminations worldwide from 200

News Letter 6 December 2018

Good day all Seems we in for a busy weekend in the Northern part of the country, if the weatherman plays along and it’s not looking too good at the moment. Brits Flying Club will be hosting the SAPFA National landing Championship on Saturday 8 December, if you feel like testing your Landing skills Brits is definitely the place to be. If a more relaxing flight is what you after make your way to Witbank for a breakfast fly-in Nelspruit’s airspace should be pretty busy on Saturday when the Nelspruit Airfield celebrate International Civil Aviation Day Airbus unveils first base for its very high altitude UAV Europe-based global aerospace and defence company Airbus Defence and Space announced in A

Vans RV–10 - The Obvious Choice

The performance, handling and cost of the RV-10 make it the obvious choice in the limited field of four-seat kit airplanes, and make it a viable alternative to four-seat production airplanes singles or twins as well. The architect of the line of Van’s aircraft, Richard van Grunsven, designed the RV-10 to satisfy a market demand for a four-seat version of the popular RV series aircraft. The RV-10 was designed from the start as a touring aircraft and as such it forgoes the aerobatic capabilities and the lighter handling common to the aircraft in the RV line from the RV-3 to RV-8. Instead the RV-10 design focuses on greater stability and payload. The RV-10 is a four-person airplane, not just an

Elders Flight Rand Airport

After the great success enjoyed by the Children’s Flight concept that Felix Gosher and Michael Ferguson derived, Ana Luis contacted Felix and pitched the idea of an Elders Flight for under privileged senior citizens that have never had the opportunity to experience the joys of flight. Felix and Ana immediately set to work to make this a reality. Saturday 1st December was the date chosen to treat the Elders to something many of us take for granted, the honour of experiencing flight. The look of gratitude of the faces of these people is something that will be long remembered by all the pilots and sponsors that gave up of their Time, Aircraft and Resources voluntarily to make the day special fo

Ace of Base 2018

On a sweltering hot Sunday morning the cream of the crop of South African Aerobatics pilots came together at Vereeniging Airport for the last competition of the 2018 calendar. Ace of Base is a competition like no other any one of the competitors stands a chance of walking away with the coveted title of “ACE OF BASE”. In any other competition the winner of the unlimited class in declared the winner of the competition, at Ace of Base however the pilot with the highest aggregate score form any of the classes is declared the overall winner. The morning got off to an early start with the briefing taking place at the foot of the tower just after 8:00 where the competition rules are briefly explai

The History of Hot Air Ballooning

On the 19th September 1783 Pilatre De Rozier, a scientist, launched the first hot air balloon called 'Aerostat Reveillon'. The passengers were a sheep, a duck and a rooster and the balloon stayed in the air for a grand total of 15 minutes before crashing back to the ground. Aerostat Reveillon The first manned attempt came about two months later on 21st November, with a balloon made by French brothers, Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier. The balloon was launched from the centre of Paris and flew for a period of 20 minutes. The birth of hot air ballooning!!! Just two years later in 1785 a French balloonist, Jean Pierre Blanchard, and his American co-pilot, John Jefferies, became the first to fly a